May 23, 2022
Cells in excel Excel

Selecting cells in Excel using keyboard shortcuts

Selection of Cells in Excel

These days use MS Excel is very common whether you are a businessman, student or professional excel is the need for everyone for storing and manipulating data. But sometimes it is very tidious task to select different cells using mouse again and again.

Are you also using mouse most of the time for selecting cells and tired of it, don’t worry we will solve your problem till you reach end of this article.

Cells in excel Excel

Here We are Providing List of Most Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Go to the end of tableCTRL+arrow
Select cells to the end of tableCTRL+SHIFT+arrow
Select whole tableCTRL+*
Select the entire column on a sheetCTRL+SPACEBAR
Select the entire row on a sheetSHIFT+SPACEBAR
Select the entire worksheetCTRL+A
Select cells that are not next to each otherPress SHIFT+F8 and then do simple selection
 by mouse.Or hold CTRL and do selection by

Final Thoughts

Hope these shortcuts will help you in accelerating your work in excel, If you liked the post please share with your friends from button below. If you have any query or need help please feel free to ask in comments.

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