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At techpurush.com we are providing you the latest 2020 updated Viral Script for whatsapp for free on this occasion of Diwali. This Diwali Wishing Script is 100% ready to use, You just need to download then copy-paste on your blog and place your Adsense Ad Codes in in the specified places.

Diwali Wishing Script Janmashtami whatsapp script
Diwali Wishing Script Janmashtami whatsapp script

What is a wishing script ?

Wishing scripts are simple PHP/HTML scripts designed to share on social medias on some special events and occasions like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami,Independence Day,Raksha Bandhan, New Year, Durga Puja, Diwali etc.

They are created in a way to attract new users and convince them to open and share with others people. These are very beautiful and appealing in look when opened and hence make users to share with other users.

Why it is called Whatsapp Viral Script ?

It is called viral script because it is very appealing to the users and convince them to share and forward to most of their friends and relatives & this makes a chain of forwarding and sharing which most of the time turns to go viral on social medias.

How to create whatsapp viral script ?

Creating a whatsapp viral script like Diwali Wishing Script is not that tough task as shown over internet, You can also make your own viral script for any occasion or events.

You just need to understand little bit of PHP scripting, CSS and HTML & you are good to go with making your own script. Find the reference to the basics you need to know before start making your brand new script

How to download Diwali Wishing Script ?

We have compressed the required files in zip, You can download the zip file from the link provided below.

ZIP Password - techpurush.com

What to do after downloading script ? 🤔

You need to extract “Diwali Wishing Script” zip file that you have downloaded then follow below steps –

1.Now open the extracted PHP script in text editor (notepad) and replace your site URL see image below for reference.

Independence day viral script
At Top
Independence day viral script
At Bottom

2.Secondly place your ad codes in the specified locations marked by –

<!------- AdSense Code Goes Here  ------------>

3.After completing all steps above you need to copy all files in the root directory (public_html) of your hosting (FTP). See image below

Independence day wishing script

What after completing all steps ?

You are all setup now to rock and go viral in the social medias, Just share Diwali Wishing Link more and more on your all social media channels.

Best of luck. 👍👍

PRO – Looking for something more ? 😁

Yes we have something special for you that can boost the traffic and makes your script more attractive. See the details below –

Generate Random Image Link Preview


With this amazing feature your viral script will be generating different image previews for each share on whatsapp.

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Set Site Icon for Your Script

Diwali Wishing Script Janmashtami whatsapp script

A beautiful site icon not only makes it appealing but also make it easy for users to remember your site.

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Single Static Image Link Preview

Diwali Wishing Script Janmashtami whatsapp script

With amazing link preview you can even double your link clicking rate as everyone like the visual preview before written text. You can get this feature in very less price of Rs 10/- only.

This amount is nothing in comparison to what you are going to earn after applying this feature, So don’t think too much just get it below –

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Final Thoughts

Hope you liked this article and this helped you in understanding all about viral scripts , If you liked the post please share with your friends from button below. If you have any query or need help please feel free to ask in comments.

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