Wearable Air Conditioner – Just Wear Inside Your Shirt and Stay Cool

Wearable Air Conditioner

Can’t take AC with you while going out? Don’t worry we found a great solution for you. Sony has introduced a new Wearable Air Conditioner namely Reon Pocket that you can tie inside your shirt.

Wearable Air Conditioner

Features and Cost

  • Size – Same as a Blackberry smartphone
  • Cooling – It can cool your body by up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Warming – It can also warm you up during the winter, increasing warmth upto additional 14 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Control – You can control how cold or warm the temperature gets with a smartphone app.
  • Battery – Lithium ion battery lasts about two to four hours.
  • Charging – It takes about 2.5 hours to charge with a USB-C-style port.


Price – 18,500 Japanese Yen (about $172)

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Apps Available for Controlling

Final Words

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