New Android 11 Features and Limitations – Read Before Upgrading

Android 11 Features and Limitations were recently announced by the Google, The company confirmed that the android 11 will force all apps ( including third party camera app ) to use built in camera app for photos and videos.

This feature is announced to provide better security to its users and ensure their privacy is not compromised.

Android 11 Release Date

Release DateFebruary 19, 2020
OS familyAndroid
VersionAndroid 11 (DP1) home screen with Pixel Launcher

Android 11 Name

Android 11 is eleventh major release from Google, but since the alphabetical release names based on desserts were discontinued from Android 10, therefore the OS was directly branded as Android 11

We have described the android 11 features and limitations below –

Android 11 Limitations

  • The All New Android 11 will force all apps to use built in camera app for photos and videos
  • Developers around the world will affected by this change, mainly camera and photography app developers
  • No Scrolling Screenshots
  • New CDD requirement to inform users of background restrictions

Android 11 Features

  • New media player in Quick Settings design is now enabled by default
  • New glowing “ripple” animation in the media player controls
  • Screen recorder can record device/internal audio and/or microphone at the same time
  • Less clutter in the Share Sheet
  • Pinned apps now have an icon indicating they’re pinned
  • Long press on device controls in power menu brings you to the activity
  • New icon to launch a conversation in a bubble
  • PiP windows have less resizability
  • New Select button icon in the recent apps
  • 3 more new keylayout files for gaming controllers
  • Conversations has a dedicated settings page
  • Slight tweak to the markup screenshot editor
  • New “Allow screen overlays on Settings” Developer Option
  • And many more.

Android 11 Phones

Final Thoughts

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